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• The highly anticipated second title in the ongoing ‘Marc Almond Singles Club’ series of ad hoc, ultra collectible, strictly limited edition 7” vinyl singles.

• This new release is Marc’s very own celebration of The Shangri-Las, featuring two of his all-time favourite songs of theirs, ‘I Cried’ (formerly known as ‘He Cried’) and ‘I’ll Never Learn’, two lushly dramatic cover versions that Marc makes totally his own. They are all new, previously unreleased recordings that are unavailable elsewhere! An absolutely rare treasure from an incomparable song-stylist!

Marc says: “The Shangri-Las are my favourite ever girl group. Their signature high-heeled boots and beehive hairdos; they were bad girls who loved bad boys. Their songs a mix of teen angst and heartache with even a touch of death. They sang dark sob songs and teen tragedies about guys on motorbikes who dressed in black and drove recklessly. Produced by the wonderfully named Shadow Morton, Shangri-Las songs were as if short operatic melodramas, mournfully sung and often further dramatically styled with spoken passages and sound effects. For one of my performance pieces at Art College, I tape looped the motorbike crash sequence from ‘Terry’; “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”, pleaded lead singer Mary Weiss – but Terry crashed anyway! I love the Shangri-Las.”

Produced by Marc Almond. Mixed by Neal Whitmore. Engineered by Jonny Solway at Dean Street Studios. With thanks to Tim Weller, Phil Polecat, Martin Watkins, Neal X, Louise Marshall, Bryan Chambers, Simon King and featuring The McCarricks.


A : I Cried 3’18”
B : I’ll Never Learn 2’43”






A : I Cried 3’18”
B : I’ll Never Learn 2’43”

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