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Released on 07/09/09. Marc Almond, a latter day curator of popular song, has rediscovered the songbook of Vadim Kozin. Kozin was the Soviet era’s much-loved, exiled then forgotten singer of Gypsy Folk and Russian Torch Song Romances.

Almond discovered Kozin’s work on his first visit to Russia in 1992 and was immediately taken with the purity and passion of his voice, as well as the beauty and melancholy of his songs, which are enhanced by the hardships Kozin suffered throughout his life. Marc has joined creative forces with Russian producer and musical arranger Alexei Fedorov who shares both Marc’s love of Kozin and his aim to help bring his repertoire to a new audience. The songs have been specially translated for Marc and have never been sung in English before.

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Boulevards Of Magadan / Forgotten Tango / My Fire / I Love So Much To Look Into Your Eyes / Friendship / Pearly Night / Brave Boy / Day And Night / A Skein Of White Cranes / Beggar / When Youth Becomes A Memory / Autumn / Letter From Magadan


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