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•    This 25 tracks double CD combines the No.15 and No.11 charting albums by one of the most successful female singing groups of all time
•    The international smash hit single “I’m In The Mood For Dancing” is included as are the hits “Spirit Body And Soul” (No.34), “Don’t Make Waves” (No.12), “Gotta Pull Myself Together” (No.9) and “Who’s Gonna Rock You” (No.12)
•    Also features the rare “Harry My Honalulu Lover” track which the group unsuccessfully entered for Song For Europe competition and which has long been on the wants lists of Eurovision collectors

Weight 200 kg


DISC 1 – THE NOLAN SISTERS I’m In The Mood For Dancing / Spirit Body And Soul / Out Of Love With Love / Bright Eyes / Boogie All Summer / Miss You Nights / All The King’s Horses / I Know You’ll Never Love This Way Again / Let’s Make Love / Thank You For The Music / Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know / More To Love BONUS TRACK Harry My Honolulu Lover

DISC 2 – MAKING WAVES Gotta Pull Myself Together / Don’t Make Waves / Touch Me In The Morning / Don’t Stoke The Fire / Better Late Than Never / Sexy Music / Who’s Gonna Rock You / Attention To Me / Old Feelings Again / Lead Me On / Directions Of Love / Get Ready


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