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The undisputed kings of bubblegum psych are welcomed at Rev-Ola like old, old friends. It’s a pleasure chaps.

‘Green Tambourine’; massive hit everywhere; covered by 1001 artists; dyed-in-the-wool classic. ‘Rice Is Nice’, ‘Jelly Jungle’, those sweet and soft hits just kept coming. But behind the grins of Ohio’s happy hippie hit makers was a down and dirty psychedelic rock band, a caged beast straining to get out. Just listen to the likes of ‘Fifty Year Void’, ‘No Help From Me’ and the eardrum-frying ‘Through With You’ for proof.

Love Beads And Meditation combines their two albums, Green Tambourine and Jungle Marmalade, which mashed up those Paul Leka-helmed soft pop bubblegum gems (listen to ‘Rainbow Tree’ and ‘Love Beads And Meditation’ and try not to smile – it’s impossible!) with the band’s growling rock tendencies and confused the hell out of everybody.

Forty years later it’s easier to take them at face value and enjoy them for what they are – great late ‘60s pop records.

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Rice Is Nice / Shoeshine Boy / Turn Around And Take A Look Rainbow Tree / Ask Me If I Care / Straglin' Behind / Green Tambourine / Blueberry Blue / The Shoemaker Of Leatherwear Square / Fifty Year Void / Through With You / Jelly Jungle / I Was Not Born To Follow / Everything Is You / Catch Me Falling / Hard Core / Love Beads And Meditation / I Need Someone (The Painter) / Lonely Atmosphere / Wine And Violet / Dead End Street/ Half Light


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