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Released on 21/11/10. Louise is the younger sister of Barbara Mandrell. As guitarist and bassist, she worked in Barbara’s band, The Do-Rights, at the age of 15, and toured with Merle Haggard in the early ’70s.

Louise got her own turn as a featured recording artist, signing with Epic Records in 1978 and over several years she released a string of chart-climbing singles, including the hit country version of the Peaches & Herb song Reunited, which was recorded as a duet with her then husband, producer/songwriter R.C. Bannon.

In 1981, she signed with RCA Records, and her discography continued to expand into the decade with seven more albums. Many of her singles including Maybe My Baby all landed in the Top 10, cementing Louise’s reputation as a recording artist.

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Louise Mandrell - You Never Cross My Mind / Put It On Me / Beggin' For Mercy / I Thought You'd Never Ask (with R.C. Bannon) / The Pleasure's All Mine (with r.c. Bannon) / Reunited (With R.C. Bannon) / Everlasting Love / I Never Loved Anyone Like I Love You / Wake Me Up / Love Insurance / Maybe My Baby - Maybe My Baby / Summer Nights / Devil In A Fast Car / There'll Never Be Another For Me / Loving Proof / I Wanna Say Yes / Some Girls Have All The Luck / How Did It Get So Late, So Early / You Better Hang Up / Are You Just Playing With Me


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