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Released 29/06/09. An immediate supergroup in their native Australia – Little River Band went on to enjoy success worldwide. Glenn Shorrock, Beeb Birtles and Graham Goble were all well-known, chart hitting musicians in Australia in their own right before coming together in the mid-1970’s to form Little River Band. Their country-rock sound, reminiscent of The Eagles, was geared toward American success and they enjoyed the fruits of this with their third album, Diamantina Cocktail, which included the hit single “Help Is On Its Way” – and the follow up album Sleeper Catcher became the first recorded in Australia to hit the number one spot in the US chart. “Live Exposure” features a concert the band played in Houston, Texas in October 1981 – and features US hit singles “It’s A Long Way There”, “Help Is On Its Way”, “Happy Anniversary” and “Reminiscing”.

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It's A Long Way There / Man On Your Mind /Mistress Of Mine /Happy Anniversary / Don't Let The Needle Win / Reminiscing / Ballerina / Cool Change / The Night Owls / Help Is On Its Way / Lonesome Loser / It's Not A Wonder Lady / Just Say That You Love Me


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