Like A Girl, I Want To Keep You Coming

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Like A Girl, I Want To Keep You Coming

Like A Girl, I Want To Keep You Coming

Giorno Poetry Systems

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This release stems from New York’s thriving Gay scene, and was compiled by the legendary John Giorno’s ‘Poetry Systems’ Label. The organisation is involved in Arts and Music, with most of the profits raised being used for an aids treatment project that it runs for writers musicians & artists suffering from the disease. The album includes tracks by some of the most respected artists, that include David Byrne, Debbie Harry, William S. Burroughs and Henry Rollins.

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Invocation To Papa Legba – Debbie Harry / Sister Ray – New Order / Just Say No To Drug Hysteria (excerpt) , Dead Souls – William S Burroughs / Song For The Trees(or) I Know Sometimes The World Is Wrong – David Byrne /tri/power – Live Skull / Living On The Outside (fucked Up World) – Pms(pre/metal Syndrome) / Party Animal – Karen Finlay / It's A Mistake To Think You're Special – John Giorno Band / Hard / Henry Rollins Band
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