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The first release on the Rev-Ola Label through Cherry Red.

Ivor Cutler..from his early jazz outings to his work with the Beatles, Soft Machine and a host of other luminaries, to his amazing continued output of Poetry and Stories, to his recordings on Creation, the enigmatic Mr. Cutler has for decades been the secret star of whatever literary vanguard Britain possesses.

Star of “Magical Mystery Tour”…”Scotland’s greatest living poet” (The Times In Scotland)….”very funny in a sinister sort of way”…(George Melly)..teacher and inspiration….all these things and more.

“Life In a Scotch Sitting Room” catches Mr. Cutler in his usual spectacular live performance, at Glasgow’s 3rd Eye Centre in the 1970’s….songs, Poems and stories…and invaluable “Jungle Tips”….this edition features special additional artwork by Mr. Cutler. A must-have for all lovers of the inimitable “Glasgow Dreamer”….Mr. Ivor Cutler!

Weight 200 kg


Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 9 / Jungle Tip - Owl / Episode 1 / Episode 11 / Jungle Tip - Lion / Episode 5 / Episode 14 / Episode 7 / Episode 12 / Jungle Tip - Leopard / Episode 8 / Episode 6 / Episode 4 / Jungle Tip - Boa / Episode 13 / Episode 0


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