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This is the first ever ‘Best of ‘ CD by The Coffin Nails who after 18 years are more popular then ever.

The Coffin Nails are playing the USA for the first time this year – where young American audiences are making Psychobilly popular again.

The band have supplied a great collection of old and new photo’s (some exclusive to this compilation), so the booklet alone will be a reason to buy this CD

The Coffin Nails are this year celebrating their 18th year with some European festival dates.

Featuring some of their hardest to find early tracks, this is an absolute must for fans of The Coffin Nails and Psychobilly alike.

Weight 200 kg


1. Let's Wreck
2. Uncle Willy
3. Psycho Disease
4. Wind Up Dead
5. Penetration
6. If Only Mother
7. Heartbreak Hotel
8. Coffin Nails
9. Blubbery Love
10. She's A Moose
11. Carling Black Label
12. Skeleton Swamp
13. Inspector Clueso
14. Been Around The World
15. Ooh Aah
16. Ravers Suck
17. No Way
18. When I'm Drunk
19. Girl Next Door
20. Neurotic Dave
21. Hard As Nails
22. STD
23. Forbidden Love
24. Freaks Come Out At Night
25. Scared Of The Dark
26. Woke Up This Morning


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