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Completing Anagram’s overhaul of the Exploited’s early years in this double CD combining their third studio album “Let’s Start A War” with their definitive In Concert album “Live And Loud!!”.

Let’s Start A War” reached the Indie Chart Top 10 when first issued in 1983 and now comes with the bonus of the ‘Rival Leaders’ 45 which hit No. 11 in the Independent chart. “Live And Loud!!” originally issued by the legendary Link label in 1988, features tracks from across the band’s first four albums and includes versions of punk classics such as ‘Dead Cities’, ‘Exploited Barmy Army’, ‘Alternative’ and ‘Troops Of Tomorrow’.

Weight 200 kg


Disc 1
1. Let's Start A War (Said Maggie One Day)
2. Insanity
3. Safe Below
4. Eyes Of The Vulture
5. Should We Can't We
6. Rival Leaders (Re-Mix)
7. God Saved The Queen
8. Psycho
9. Kidology
10. False Hopes
11. Another Day To Go Nowhere
12. Wankers

Bonus Tracks
13. Rival Leaders (Single Version)
14. Army Style
15. Singalongabushell

Disc 2
1. Law And Order
2. Let's Start A War
3. Horror Epics
4. Cop Cars
5. Blown To Bits
6. Hitler's In The Charts Again
7. Belsen Was A Gas
8. Alternative
9. I Hate You
10. UK 82
11. Rival Leaders
12. Maggie
13. Troops Of Tomorrow
14. Sex And Violence

Bonus Tracks -
15. Daily News
16. Crashed Out
17. S.P.G.
18. Exploited Barmy Army
19. Dead Cities
20. I Believe In Anarchy


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