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This is a classic slab of Psychobilly and a historical and influential album that set a new benchmark for what would become the new sound of Psychobilly.

This CD has been unavailable/hard to find for some time and will be of great interest to Psychobilly and punk fans old and new!

Demented Are Go still regularly tour and can be found headlining Psycho festivals all over the world. This CD contains informative sleeve notes, researched and written by scene veteran Simon Nott.

Weight 200 kg


1. Satan's Rejects
2. Human Slug
3. Cripple In The Woods
4. Decomposition
5. Cast Iron Arm
6. Call Of The Wired
7. Rubber Plimsoles
8. Shadow Crypt
9. Surf Ride To Oblivion
10. Old Black Joe
11. Sick Spazmoid
12. Vietnam
13. Jet Tone Boogie


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