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Released 24/11/08. Joemus is a collaboration between veteran Scottish “electronic vaudevillian” Momus and Glasgow breakcore whizzkid Joe Howe (Gay Against You, Germlin, Ben Butler and Mousepad). Joemus is the 18th studio album from Momus, who’s been releasing albums on British indie labels like 4AD, Creation, Setanta and Cherry Red since the early 1980s, to widespread critical acclaim. Joe and Momus first collaborated on a cover of David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes in 2007 for a vinyl-only box set compilation called Recovery. Momus calls the style they’ve achieved on the Joemus album “Nintendo Glam Rock”. Joemus contains cover versions of songs by Cliff Richard and Ryuichi Sakamoto. It alternates between blippy breakneck breakcore and melodramatic-yet-absurd 1950s-style ballads. The album has a strong theme of comic horror: Dracula can’t muster the lust to bite a victim (a vocal cameo by Kyoka Kyoka, a Japanese laptop noise musician), Ichabod Crane becomes a “pumpkin brain” over music pastiching Manchester post-punk, and a Tony Newley-type crooner is carried off his music hall stage in a coffin.

Birocracy / Widow Twanky / Mr Proctor / Thatness And Thereness / Jahwise Hammer of The Babylon King / The Next Time / The Cooper O'Fife / Ichabod Crane / Strewf! / Dracula / Goodiepal / Fade To White / The Mouth Organ / The Man You'll Never Be / The Vaudevillian
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