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Each selection of this collection was either written, produced, arranged or performed by the prolific behind the scenes New York City super talent Jimmy Radcliffe. Radcliffe was covered by many from Aretha Franklin to Tom Jones, Ray Charles to Eric Burdon, and in the late 1960’s had his own production company Baby Cakes. (a 60’s term of endearment). We focus on the Classic Soul side of Jimmy’s work…

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Soulville - Jimmy Radcliffe / More Than Ever Before – Jimmy Radcliffe / Could That Someone Be You – Pat Lundy / Things Are Changing – Jimmy Radcliffe / I Want It Clearly Understood – Pat Lundy / It's Not Enough – Silent Glo / Hard Hard Way - Silent Glo / If It Wasn't For Love – Jimmy Radcliffe / Love Put The Tears In My Eyes - Jimmy Radcliffe / If I Speak About Bobby – Barbara Jean English / Taste Sour Don't It – Barbara Jean English / A Change Of Heart - The Relatives / Everybody's Gonna Be There But Me – Barbara Jean English / Your Reputation - Barbara Jean English / As Late As The Hour May Be – Irene Reid / For The Money – Money Clips / Take A Look In The Mirror – Diamond Neval / Don't Be Afraid - Diamond Neval / Bonus Tracks - Its Not Enough – Jimmy Radcliffe / Baby Please – Jimmy Radcliffe


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