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Released 13/04/09. Never officially released in the UK, Lonnie’s 1990 debut album “If I Have To Stand Alone” is given a re-mastered Special Edition reissue. The album features Lonnie’s number 4 smash “Happenin’ All Over Again”, the hit singles “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, “If I Have To Stand Alone” and her solo debut, a cover of the First Choice classic, “It’s Not Over (Let No Man Put Asunder)”. Exclusive bonus tracks have been selected direct from the PWL archives. These include two different versions of “How Could He Do This To Me?”, a superb SAW composition originally omitted from the album, and previously unheard 12′ mixes of “Happenin’ All Over Again”, “If I Have To Stand Alone” and “Best Of Friends”.

“If I Have To Stand Alone” is one of three sought-after albums from the Stock Aitken Waterman / PWL Hit Factory to be given a simultaneous Special Edition release on Cherry Pop, along with Mandy Smith – “Mandy” and Princess – “Princess”.

Weight 200 kg


If I Have To Stand Alone / Happenin' All Over Again / Better Off Without You / Beyond Your Wildest Dreams / I Need You / That's No Reason / Best Of Friends / It's Not Over / Watching You / Helpless Hearts Bonus Tracks: How Could He Do This To Me? (7” mix) * / Happenin' All Over Again (Tony King 1990 mix) * / If I Have To Stand Alone Original (12” mix) * / Better Off Without You (extended version) * / Happenin' All Over Again (Dave Ford 1990 mix) * / How Could He Do This To Me? (extended version) / Best Of Friends (extended version) *

* Previously unreleased


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