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The euphoric joy of disco has been a consistent thread that has run through the diverse, and illustrious thirty year career of pop legend Jimmy Somerville; his disco cover versions such as “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, “I Feel Love”, “Never Can Say Goodbye” and “(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real” have been among his largest hits but it hasn’t been until now with ‘Homage’ that a whole album of Jimmy’s self-written material has been given a lush and authentic disco style production. 

This all new album has been an extended labour of love for Jimmy, painstakingly recreating the genuine sounds of the hedonistic classic disco era that he so loves. “This isn’t a pastiche, this is an homage”, he states. 

This 500 copy strictly limited edition, Gatefold sleeve, double LP is issued in collectable blue vinyl. The high gloss sleeve comes especially embossed and the lettering is finished in silver foil. A CD copy of the album is also enclosed within the LP sleeve for listening convenience.

Happy days indeed. I’ve finally made the disco album I always wanted to and never thought could. If I was 15 again I’d buy it, sit on my bed, slowly open the gate fold, slide out the vinyl, place it on the turntable then jump off the bed and imagine someone just passed me a tambourine…I’d be in heaven!  The horns, the strings, the bass, the guitars, the drums, the backing vocals and the melody….the escape.  I’ve worked with some great people on this album. They gave time, talent and genuine energy and it sounds it. So open your ears embrace the groove and pay homage to an all too easily derided sound ….. I ♥Disco!” 

NB: This title is release March 20th 2015 and will not be dispatched before this date.


Side A 
Some Wonder 
Strong Enough 
Side B
Taken Away 
Back To Me 
The Core 
Side C
Bright Thing 
Lights Are Shining 
Side D
This Hand
Learned to Talk
Weight 400 kg


Track listing as above.