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Released on 31/08/09. The single ‘Something in the Air’, released in 1969, was an international chart topping hit that seemed to sum up the mood of the times. Its inclusion in a poignant scene in the film ‘The Magic Christian’ made the song even more legendary and heralded the arrival of Thunderclap Newman. The band was a trio fronted by John ‘Speedy’ Keene, Jimmy McCulloch and Andy ‘Thunderclap’ Newman , assembled by Who guitarist Pete Townshend to serve as a vehicle for the songs of ‘Speedy’ Keene.

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Something In The Air / Hollywood #1 / The Reason / Open The Door, Homer / Look Around / Accidents / Wild Country / When I Think / The Old Cornmill / I Don't Know / Hollywood Dream (Instrumental) / Hollywood #2 / Bonus Tracks - Something In The Air (Single Version) / Wilhemina / Accidents (Single Version) / I See It All / The Reason (Single Version) / Stormy Petrel.


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