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ESOTERIC RECORDINGS are proud to announce their release of the classic eponymous 1970 album by HIGH TIDE. Formed in Ladbroke Grove, London in 1969, the band featured the intense guitar playing of TONY HILL, the Violin and Keyboard skills of SIMON HOUSE (later to join the THIRD EAR BAND and then HAWKWIND), bassist PETE PAVLI and drummer ROGER HADDEN. Signing to LIBERTY RECORDS soon after formation, the band recorded SEA SHANTIES at Olympic studios in 1969, an album featuring some of the heaviest gothic rock recorded at that time. Their self titled second album was recorded in 1970 for Liberty and was equally stunning. This reissue includes four bonus tracks, including demos and out-takes from the album session. With restored artwork, this reissue is essential for both Progressive and Hard Rock fans.

Weight 200 kg


Blankman Cries Again / The Joke / Saneonymous

Bonus Tracks
The Great Universal Protection Racket (1970 Version) / The Joke (Alternate Version) / Blankman Cries Again (First Version) / Ice Age


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