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Between 1968 and 1970, some of the finest, most obscure British psychedelic pop singles of the era escaped on the Spark label, the newly-inaugurated recording arm of long-established publishers Southern Music.

Recorded in the basement studio of the company’s Denmark Street premises, these tracks often featured the same cabal of musicians and songwriters, leading to a homogenous in-house style that perfectly encapsulates the late 1960s British pop-psych studio sound.

The best of Spark’s impressive roster is now presented here on CD with Hello Everyone: Popsike Sparks from Denmark Street 1968-70, which assembles highly-prized, highly-priced 45s from pre- Rare Bird band Fruit Machine, Gene Latter, post- Sorrows outfit the Eggy, the New Generation (subsequently to become the Sutherland Brothers), the Dennis Wheatley-inspired Icarus and both sides of the magnificent and astonishingly rare single by Sir Ching I (only one stock copy known to exist). Also included are exquisite Brit popsike singles from Timothy Blue, Just William, both sides of the superb John Carter/Russ Alquist collaboration ‘The Laughing Man’/‘Midsummer Dreaming’ and two sensational offerings from Eartha Kitt during her brief and unlikely immersion in late Sixties hippy chick chic.

Crammed with vintage three-minute pop tunes, and with a lavish 16-page booklet that features rare photos, quotes and the full story behind the label, Hello Everyone is simply an essential purchase for admirers of the British psychedelic pop genre.

Weight 200 kg


1.    HELLO EVERYONE - Sir Ching I

2.    ROOM AT THE TOP OF THE  STAIRS - Timothy Blue

3.    SMOKEY BLUE’S AWAY - A New Generation

4.    THE LAUGHING MAN - John Carter & Russ Alquist

5.    BABY COME BACK TO ME - Simon De Lacy

6.    THE WALL - The Fruit Machine

7.    HEARTBREAKER - The Baby

8.    CHERRYWOOD GREEN - Just William

9.    YOU’RE STILL MINE - The Eggy

10.    POLICE IS HERE - A New Generation

11.    FOLLOW ME - The Fruit Machine

12.    SHE WON’T SEE THE LIGHT - Timothy Blue

13.    HOUSE FOR SALE - Val McKenna

14.    SADIE & HER MAGIC MR GALAHAD - The New Generation

15.    MIDSUMMER DREAMING - John Carter & Russ Alquist

16.    HOOKY - The Eggy


18.    MICHAEL BLUES – The Baby


20.    THE OLD IRON BELL - Gene Latter

21.    CUDDLY TOY - The Fruit Machine

22.    MR C - A New Generation

23.    THE DEVIL RIDES OUT - Icarus

24.    GIVE A HAND TO THE CLOWN - Carlew Choir

25.    DIGGER - The New Generation

26.    I’M ALONE TODAY - The Fruit Machine

27.    HURDY GURDY MAN - Eartha Kitt


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