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Ned Doheny is a consummate performer and songwriter. One who has shown that it is possible to cross boundaries and genres without compromising. His combination of pop, funk, soul, disco, jazz and AOR has made him one of the most timeless of all the West Coast artists from the 1970s and that in itself is the ultimate compliment.If you ever want to know just how much of a reputation Ned Doheny has among people who matter, then a list of those who committed themselves to helping out on these two albums should do the trick. This includes Steve Cropper, Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, Glenn Frey, Tower Of Power, David Foster, J.D. Souther, Bonnie Raitt, Jeff Porcaro and Steve Perry.They are the sort of talents who don t just turn up at the studio for everyone who asks them. These are people of the highest calibre, who pick and choose what they do.

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Hard CandyGet It Up For Love / If You Should Fall / Each Time You Pray / When Love Hangs In The Balance / A Love Of Your Own / I've Got Your Number / On The Swing Shift / Sing To Me / Valentine /Prone To Prove My Love / Think Like A Lover / Labor Of Love / Thinking With My Heart / Guess Who's Looking For Love Again / The Devil In You / Funky Love / If You Only Knew / Sweet Friction


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