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This two-on-one CD features two rare albums by the much-loved vocal group, THE CHI-LITES, recorded for Mercury Records in the mid- 70s.

Based in Chicago, THE CHI-LITES enjoyed a run of hits in the late 60s and early 70s for Brunswick Records that included classics like Oh Girl and Have You Seen Her? After lead producer/writer Eugene Record left the group to pursue a solo career, THE CHI-LITES switched labels, moving to Mercury for August 1976 sessions produced by the group ‘s Marshall Thompson which resulted in the group ‘s debut album for the label, Happy Being Lonely.

Among the musicians featured on Happy Being Lonely are members of the Earth, Wind & Fire horn section (Louis Satterfield and Donald Myrick), Chicago stalwart and album co-producer Tom-Tom Washington, famed saxman Willie Henderson and super-guitarist Phil Upchurch; and singer Barbara Acklin on background vocals.

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Happy Being Lonely - Happy Being Lonely / Love Can Be Hazardous / If
I’ve Ever Needed You / Vanishing Love / I Turn Away / Let Your Love Fall
Like Rain / Don’t Blame The world / Message To The World / Games People
Play / The Fantastic Chi-Lites - My First Mistake / If I Had A Girl /
Who Sin Love With Me / Let’s Touch / Love At Its Best / Bubbling,
Babbling Fool / Suddenly / Stop Still / I’ve Got Love On My Mind


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