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•    Making their debut on CD are albums number two and three from Brotherhood Of Man

•    Includes the six million selling Eurovision Song Contest winner “Save All Your Kisses For Me” plus the European smash hit single “Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby”

•    Many rare B-sides are added as bonus tracks and also make their debut on CD

Weight 200 kg


DISC 1 - GOOD THINGS HAPPENING Join The Party / Welcome Sunday Morning / Lady Lady Lady Lay / When Love Catches Up On You / Spring Of 1912 / Lady / Movin’ With Susan / Everyday Of My Life / Do-Be-Do / Good Things Happening / Have You Been A Good Boy / He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother BONUS TRACKS How Can You Hate The One You Love / Love’s Bound To Get Ya

DISC 2 – LOVE AND KISSES FROM Save Your Kisses For Me / Now / Cry Thief / Nothing In The World / Sweet Lady From Georgia / Kiss Me Kiss Your Baby /  Shame On You Baby / Be My Loving Baby / Dream On / Love Me For What I Am / I’m So Much In Love / You Are Love BONUS TRACKS Tugging / Put Out The Fire / Let’s Love Together


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