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Released 26/10/09. From the mysterious depths of the Pub Rock explosion of the 1970s came the collision of satire, humour and blistering pop/rock that was The Kursaal Flyers…a ball of entertainment, and a source of some of the finest pop songs written by a British band…curious already, eh? They were to reach their apotheosis with the mighty “Golden Mile”, a real major label record with a proper budget, produced and orchestrated by popmeister Mike Batt…with a full complement of pop gems including the wickedly funny piece of classic radio pop that was Little Does She Know among 9 other ready made singles…you couldn’t get better than that! 5 Live Kursaals was the logical follow up, a snapshot of their electric live show, by this time surfing more on Powerpop and Punk but still wickedly entertaining in the Essex tradition…

Weight 200 kg


Little Does She Know / One Arm Bandit / Drinking Socially / Two Left Feet / Modern Lovers / Street Of The Music / Radio Romance / When The Band's On The Strand / Detroit Tin / Third Finger Left Hand / Ready To Go / Original Model / Yellow Sox / Pocket Money / Crusin' For Love / Sky's Falling In Our Love / Little Does She Know / Street Of The Music / TV Dinners / Speedway / Revolver / On My Mind / Anna (Go To Him) / Friday On My Mind


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