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A welcome return for one of the first RPM releases, from 1993. Twinkle remains a true icon of the 60’s Pop scene in the UK.

Best known for her international best seller Terry, a self-penned number that she wrote whilst still at school.

The song had the further distinction of being banned by the BBC in 1964 on the grounds of bad taste!

The follow up Golden Lights also made the charts and was later covered by the Smiths, Morrissey being a big Twinkle fan.



1. Terry

2. The Boy Of My Dreams

3. Golden Lights

4. Ain t Nobody Home But Me

5. Tommy

6. So Sad

7. A Lonely Singing Doll

8. Unhappy Boy

9. Poor Old Johnny

10. I Need Your Hand In Mine

11. The End Of The World

12. Take Me To The Dance

13. What Am I Doing Here With You

14. Now I Have You

15. Micky

16. Darby And Joan

17. Soldier s Dream