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Before The Company Of Wolves, George Fenton was nominated for an Oscar for his music in Gandhi, since then he has composed music for, amongst others, White Mischief, Cry Freedom, Dangerous Liaisons, Memphis Belle, The Fisher King, Final Analysis, Shadowlands, The Madness Of King George, In Love And War, The Crucible, You’ve Got Mail, The Object Of My Affection, Living Out Loud and Dangerous Beauty.

The soundtrack album of The Company Of Wolves has been unavailable for many years and in order to satisfy the public demand for the CD, Jay Records is pleased to re-release the CD in the USA to add to the ever increasing discography of George Fenton.

The movie The Company Of Wolves was directed by Neil Jordon who went on to direct Mona Lisa, The Crying Game, Interview With The Vampire, Michael Collins, The Butcher Boy, In Dreams and The End Of The Affair amongst others.


  1. The Message / Main Theme
  2. Rosaleen’s First Dream
  3. The Story Of The Bride And Groom
  4. The Forest And The Huntsman’s Theme
  5. The Wedding Party
  6. The Boy And The Devil
  7. One Sunday Afternoon
  8. All The Better To Eat You With
  9. The Wolfgirl
  10. Liberation







1 The Message / Main Theme
2 Rosaleen's First Dream
3 The Story Of The Bride And Groom
4 The Forest And The Huntsman's Theme
5 The Wedding Party
6 The Boy And The Devil
7 One Sunday Afternoon
8 All The Better To Eat You With
9 The Wolfgirl
10 Liberation