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One of 1977’s most collectable Punk albums and now released with the addition of 7 bonus tracks made up of the Drones’ ultra-rare singles, this 21 track CD shows that there was considerable life outside of Punk’s mainstream. One of the scene’s most talented and grossly underrated outfits.
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1. Persecution Complex
2. Bone Idol
3. Movement
4. Be My Baby
5. Corgi Crap
6. Sad So Sad
7. The Change
8. Lookalikes
9. The Underdog
10. No More Time
11. City Drones
12. Just Wanna Be Myself
13. Lift The Bans
14. Lookalike (Original Single Version)
15. Corgi Crap (Original Single Version)
16. Hard On Me
17. You'll Lose
18. Just Wanna Be Myself (Original Single Version)
19. Bone Idol (Original Single Version)
20. Can't See
21. Fooled Today
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