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Available for the first time the classic, first Dead Kennedys album in a special DIGIPAK with an extra bonus six track CD featuring the three singles “Holiday In Cambodia”, “Kill The Poor” and “Too Drunk To Fuck” and the B-Sides. Also included is an eight page booklet which features the original “Fresh Fruit…” poster. The album has now sold over 100,000 copies in the UK alone achieving Gold status and contains three Indie Chart hit singles.

Weight 200 kg


Kill The Poor / Forward To Death / When Ya Get Drafted / Let's Lynch The Landlord / Drug Me / Your Emotions / Chemical Warfare / California Uber Alles / I Kill Children / Stealing Peoples' Mail / Funland At The Beach / Ill In The Head / Holiday In Cambodia / Viva Las Vegas Holiday In Cambodia / Police Truck / Kill The Poor / InrSight / Too Drunk To Fuck / The Prey


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