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New remastered 2 cd compilation of the entire decca recordings by underground stars CLARK-HUTCHINSON

Lavish booklet with new artwork, photos & liner notesreviews IN “CLASSIC ROCK PROG”, “UNCUT”, “MOJO”, “RECORD COLLECTOR” & “CLASSIC ROCK” MAGAZINES coverage on relevant websites & fanzines

ESOTERIC RECORDINGS are pleased to announce the release of a new 2CD anthology by underground rock heroes CLARK-HUTCHINSON. One of the first signings to Decca’s underground imprint NOVA, the duo of Andy Clark and Mick Hutchinson recorded the album “A=MH2” in 1969, soon to become the biggest selling album on NOVA.

Championed by JOHN PEEL, the duo’s first album highlighted the extraordinary talent of guitarist Hutchinson. The 1970 follow up album “Retribution” saw the band augmented by Del Coverley and included the classic “Free to Be Stoned”, earning the group numerous live spots alongside cohorts the EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND and HAWKWIND. “Gestalt”, the band’s final album appeared in 1971 on the Deram label.

This anthology has been re-mastered from the original master tapes and comprises all the recordings released by Decca Records between 1969 &1971. It is essential part of the story of British underground rock at the turn of the 1970’s.

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Disc 1
Improvisation On A Modal Scale / Acapulco Gold / Impromptu In E Minor / Textures In ¾ / Improvisation On An Indian Scale / Free To Be Stoned / After Hours

Disc 2
In Another Way / Best Suit / Death, The Lover / Man's Best Friend / Love Is The Light / The Light Burns On / Come Up Here / Disorientated, Part One / Boat In The Morning Mist / Oriented / First Reminder / Mix Elixir / Poison / Disorientated Part Two


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