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A welcome reissue of the two key Flying Lizards albums, innovative Pop Electronica from the early 1980’s Founded in 1978 by avant-garde composer and producer David Cunningham as an experimental pop band, The Flying Lizards rode the crest of the New Wave peaking with the international hit single Money. First album players included sound stylists in their own right David Toop and Steve Beresford, with vocals from Vivien Goldman. This also included the first two singles made by Cunningham, Summertime Blues and Money with monotone vocals by his art school colleague Deborah Evans, recorded before the album. On the second album Cunningham was even more experimental and brought in contributions from Michael Nyman and Robert Fripp, plus vocals by Patti Palladin. Less successful commercially but more highly rated critically at the time.The music Cunningham created follows after Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, helping pave the way for the employment of electronica in later UK pop music with the likes of Stereolab, St Etienne and Portishead.

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Mandelay Song / Her Story / TV / Russia / Summertime Blues / Money (That’s What I Want) / The Flood / Trouble / Events During The Flood / The Window / Bonus Tracks - Summertime Blues (12 Version) Dk4809 / All Guitars Vs381 / Money (Edit) Vs276 / Money B Vs276 / Tube Vs325Fourth Wall Virgin V2190 (P.1981) - Lovers And Other Strangers / Glide/Spin / In My Lifetime / Cirrus / A-Train / New Voice / Hands 2 Take / An Age / Steam Away / Move On Up / Another Story / Lost And Found / Bonus Tracks - Portugal Vs381 / Continuity Vs392 / Lovers And Other Strangers Vs421 (Single Version) / Wind Vs421


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