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To many people, the mere mention of West Coast country rockers The Flying Burrito Brothers evokes memories of the talismanic Gram Parsons, continuing to live out hisAmerican cosmic music dream. True, Parson’s brief tenure with the band fell in between his even shorter time with The Byrds and his sadly equally short-lived solo career. But as these two Flying Burrito Brothers albums, along with a career that lasted even into the new Millennium, there’s a lot more to the Flying Burritos than Gram Parsons.When Gram Parsons died in September 1973, the legend surrounding his death led to increased interest in his musical legacy. A&M, keen to cashin, released the compilation album Close Up The Honky Tonks in 1974. This in turn prompted band members Ethridge and Kleinow to revive The Flying Burrito Brothers, this time with ex-Byrds guitarist Gene Parsons and country musicians Floyd Gib Guilbeau and Joel Scott Hill. The new-look band signed to Columbia Records, and released Flying Again , the first of these two albums in 1975. It ‘s a perfect example of the way country rock music had developed since The Byrds broke new ground with Sweetheart Of The Rodeo through to the manner in which the likes of the Eagles and Jackson Browne were now beginning to command American airwaves.

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Flying Again- Easy To Get On / Wind And Rain / Why Baby Why / Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music) / You Left The Water Running / Building Fires / Sweet Desert Childhood / Bon Soir Blues / River Road / Hot Burrito #3 / Airborne - Out Of Control / Waitin' For Love To Begin / Toe Tappin' Music / Quiet Man / Northbound Bus / Big Bayou / Walk On The Water / Linda Lu / Border Town / She’s A Sailor / Jesus Broke The Wild Horse


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