Released on 18/10/10. One of the best-remembered acts of the 80s,
Cockney sisters Mel & Kim Appleby instantly conquered dance floors,
charts and hearts around the world with their style, personality and a
string of perfect pop anthems. Their classic album “F.L.M.” is now
given a much anticipated Deluxe Edition 2CD reissue on Cherry Pop.

by Stock Aitken Waterman, the album reached #3 on its original release
in April 1987, going platinum in the UK and topping the charts
internationally with sales in excess of three million copies. “F.L.M.”
features three UK Top Ten hits Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend),
the classic #1 Respectable and the title track. Digitally re-mastered
and compiled from original master tapes archived at Abbey Road and Pete
Waterman’s PWL Studios, this release features no less than nineteen
exclusive bonus tracks across two discs, including the 1988 Top Ten
hit, That’s The Way It Is and its self-penned B-side, You Changed My
Life. Both tracks are included alongside the “F.L.M.” album for the
first time ever.

Kim Appleby has generously contributed an
exclusive commentary to this release. The extensive booklet also
features a reversible cover, an illustrated discography, additional
photos and brand new sleeve notes from PWL consultant Tom Parker. Mel
& Kim s debut single, Showing Out, hit #3 in November 1986, and in
February 1987 Respectable became the first Stock Aitken Waterman
composition to top the charts. Combining a streetwise pop sensibility
with transatlantic house grooves, Mel & Kim became a global
sensation. But at the height of their fame, Mel was diagnosed with
cancer. Facing relentless media attention with dignity and
characteristic humour while she underwent treatment, the duo released a
brand new single in February 1988 That’s The Way It Is.

Mel’s health deteriorated and she passed away in January 1990, aged
just 23. “F.L.M.” is the latest Hit Factory classic to be reissued on
Cherry Pop, following a host of popular releases from Big Fun, Boy
Krazy, Hazell Dean, Lonnie Gordon, Haywoode, the London Boys, Princess,
Sinitta, Mandy Smith and Sonia.

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FLM / Showing Out / Respectable / Feel A Whole Lot Better / I'm The One Who Really Loves You / More Than Words Can Say / System / From A Whisper To A Scream / Who's Gonna Catch You? / bonus tracks - That's The Way It Is / You Changed My Life / Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) Extended Version / Respectable Extended Version * / F.L.M. Extended Version / That's The Way It Is Extended Version / System Alternative Mix / More Than Words Can Say Extended Version

Respectable Extra Beats Vocal / F.L.M. Two Grooves Under One Nation Remix / I'm The One Who Really Loves You Yoyo's 12 Mix / That's Theway It Is Acid House Remix / System Garage Vocal / Feel A Whole Lot Better Yoyo's 12 mix / Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend) The Mortgage Mix / That's The Way It Is House Remix / Respectable / Shop Mix / F.L.M. / Sonic Remix / System Original 12 Mix


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