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Re-issued in commemoration of the centenary year of the 1917 Battle Of Ypres, this is the original 1925 British Instructional Films documentary production that re-enacted key scenes from the notorious Battle Of Ypres in the actual battlefield trenches. The lengthy campaign was a murderous stalemate of attrition that perfectly demonstrated the horror and futility of war. A massive 1.7 million soldiers died in the attempt to capture the Belgian town and its environs over the length of a four year campaign.

The first, second, third and fourth battles of Ypres are all covered as are the key positions of Mesen, Hill 60 and the Passchendaele Ridge – the scene of prolonged and terrible carnage over a mere 900 metres of land.

This is a follow-up to SFE’s best-selling DVD The Battle Of The Somme (1916). As a representation of war, The Battle Of Ypres was not without its controversy; it arguably distorted the grimmer realities of conflict – the trenchfoot, the maiming and death – into a noble recount of the superiority of the Allies. But Battle Of Ypres survives as a landmark war documentary that gives us a unique historical reading of one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the First World War.

The original silent documentary has had an all new soundtrack created from digitally enhanced recordings of the period as well as the addition of evocative sound effects.

This is released in good time for the actual first centenary of the start date of the 3rd Battle of Ypres – the notorious Battle of Passchendaele Ridge – 31st July, 1917 – for which there will be much media attention.

The release comes with two complimentary DVD Bonus Features :-
1) Ypres – The Shell Shattered City Of Flanders – 1918 (16 mins)
Shots of the remnants of discernible landmarks amidst the rubbled ruins of Ypres and the ridges to the North and East of the town. Includes the main square and its Cloth Hall, St. Martin’s Cathedral, The Church Of Saint Jacques and Shrapnel Corner.
2) Remembrance Day, Ypres – 1922 (2 mins)



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