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June Brides were from South London and had considerable success in the Independent Charts in the mid 1980’s. The band was built around lyricist, guitarist and vocalist Phil Wilson. They were unusual at the time as although they operated in the independent sector they had a brass section. Their album, ‘There Are Eight Million Stories’ was No 1 for four weeks in the Independent Chart in September 1985 and stayed in that chart for a total of 38 weeks.

This is a double album which contains all the June Brides tracks ever recorded including the BBC Radio I sessions with John Peel and Janice Long, plus the solo work from Phil Wilson which followed the break up of the band. This definitive double album 41 track package includes very detailed sleevenotes (6,000 words), rare pictures and complete discography.

Weight 200 kg


Disc 1 In The Rain / Every Conversation / The Instrumental / I Fall / Sunday To Saturday / Sick Tired And Drunk / Disneyland / Comfort / Heard You Whisper / Enemies / No Place Called Home / Josel's Gone / This Town / On The Rocks / We Belong / Just The Same / Waiting For A Change / The Written Word / Even Now / Better Days / A Jingle / 10 Miles Disc 2 In The Rain (Long session) / I Fall (Long Session) / On The Rocks (Long Session) / No Place Called Home (Long Session) / Just The Same (Unreleased version) / Cold / One Day (Peel Session) / We Belong (Peel session) / Waiting For A Change (Peel session) / This Town (Peel session) / Pound For Pound (Live) / Joy Will Find You Out (Long session) / A Cowboy's Lament / Even Now (Long Session) / Jackson / Love In Vain / 10 miles (long session) / Small Town (Long session) / After Hours


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