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A must for any serious fan, the book traces the history of the early work of the Pink Floyd from when they had recently formed to before the beginnings of their epochal work “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, including the solo history of their first enigmatic leader Syd Barrett.An archetypal labour of love, the chronology is a high quality, definitive history of the day to day work of the band.

Featuring a fully comprehensive study of recordings available to collectors, rare concert ads, and studious timings and transcriptions. The detail of this book will surpass the high standards that Pink Floyd collectors demand.

The authors have painstakingly tracked down long lost reviews, recordings and appearances on television and in films, and have collated them all together in a clear and concise form, whilst offering their own detailed reviews and commentary. Correcting mistakes made previously, the book also represents a fully equipped and up to date research resource which is made easily accessible by a detailed index and chapter by chapter endnotes.

All the illustrations in the book including its cover, have not been used in any other book about Pink Floyd. Of particular interest will be a set of photographs taken by Irene Winsby of the band during a rehearsal in January 1967. There will be considerable promotion and press interest to enhance the project.

No of Pages: 320 ISBN No: 1901447073

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