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EGG were exponents of the so-called ‘Canterbury’ style of rock music and were focussed around the compositional and keyboard playing skills of Dave Stewart (later in HATFIELD & THE NORTH) and Mont Campbell and Clive Brooks.

The band recorded two superb albums for Decca Records between 1969 & 1971 before going their separate ways. In 1974 they recorded their final album for the newly established Virgin Record label. Featuring guest musicians such as STEVE HILLAGE and members of the unique HENRY COW, ‘The Civil Surface’ is now regarded as a classic of the ‘Canterbury’ and ‘Progressive’ genres.

This ESOTERIC RECORDINGS release has been remastered from the original tapes and is certain to the many who made the reissues of EGG’s previous work such a success.

Weight 200 kg


Germ Patrol / Wind Quartet 1 / Enneagram / Prelude / Wring Out the Ground (Loosely Now) / Nearch / Wind Quartet 2


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