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Released 27/11/08. At long last, 23 years after its original release, Marilyn’s one and only album “Despite Straight Lines” is finally reissued. This is the first time on CD for this album. The album features Marilyn’s four best selling singles including the number 4 smash “Calling Your Name”. The album has 8 bonus tracks that include 2 mixes of “Calling Your Name” 12″ promo mixes of “Cry And Be Free” (Gospel and Streisand styles) and the extended version of “Baby U Left Me In The Cold”.

The CD booklet includes a UK Discography with all the accompanying sleeves and a biography of Marilyn’s career. Marilyn emerged from the New Romantic movement in London at the end of the 1970’s. As a face on the scene he forged a strong friendship with Boy George. An appearance in a Eurythmics video brought Marilyn extensive press attention and he soon signed a deal with Phonogram. Success was to follow with a string of self and co-written tunes but all too soon problems set in and Marilyn’s career was over prematurely. His songwriting and artistic style means he’ll always enjoy the status of being an 80’s icon

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Calling Your Name / Mountain To The Ocean / Surrender To Your Love / Third Eye / Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) / You Don't Love Me / Give It Up / Wear It Out / Cry And Be Free / Bonus Tracks -Calling Your Name - Midnight Party Mix / Move Together / Calling Your Name – Extended Version / Running / Cry And Be Free – Gospel / Cry And Be Free - Streisand Style / Raining Again / Baby U Left Me (In The Cold) - Extended Version


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