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Chrysalis’ lone 1968 long player is a hugely respected and much sought-after jazz/folk/ rock crossover from the psychedelic era which has recently earned classic status among collectors and aficionados. It’s a most mysterious album boasting exotic song titles, an alluring silver gatefold sleeve and some very zen liner notes… and the twelve pieces of music contained within its grooves are unlike any others recorded before or since.

Flitting butterfly-like between the gossamer-light acoustics of ‘Cynthia Gerome’, the fuzz-drenched satire of ‘Father’s Getting Old’ and the ragtime psychedelia of ’30 Poplar’, the album takes lush woodwind and string arrangements, full-on acid-rock weird-outs and unbearably delicate jazz vibes and mixes them up into one giant bittersweet birthday cake! Covered in insects!!

Featuring the full in-depth story behind the brand and with brand new interview material and contributions from all the surviving band members, the producer, the arranger, the owner of the studio and even the photographer, why don’t you join the growing throng of happy people who ecstatically name this as their favourite album of all time. Go on, you know you want to…

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What Will Become Of The Morning / Lacewing / Cynthia Gerome / April Grove / Father's Getting Old / 30 Poplar / Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live / Fitzpatrick Swanson / Lake Hope / Piece Of Sun / Summer In Your Savage Eyes / Dr Root's Garden Bonus Tracks The Dues Are Hard / Gimme Your Love / Sink In Deeper / Window Shopping / Well I Can Ride / Cold And Windy City / Cynthia Gerome / Dr Root's Garden


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