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There aren’t many records as magical, as transcendent and as deserving of rediscovery as this one. Its songs conjure a perfect lost America populated by teenage California dreamers in suede fringe jackets, Chris Hillman haircuts, jeans and Jack Purcells, strawberry blondes in powder blue Beetles and Arizona highways stretching toward endless summer dawns. Through a peculiar set of circumstances (most far beyond the control of their creators) these recordings have come to bewitch rare groove hunters, soft rock diggers and collectors of folk and Americana to a sweet madness, but they’ve never had what would be called an “official” release until now. Daybreak has attained “holy grail” status, it’s associations with Left Banke producer Harry Lookofsky, producer/engineer George Klabin and their friend, the Br1_azilian genius of arranging, Deodato, being the icing on the cake! A collection of genius songs, all but lost…

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Daybreak / I'm Not Forgetting Your Name / It's OK / Summer Sound / Fennario / Love The One You're With / If Love's In Season / Just Plain Livin' Blues / Sail / Drifting With The Time BONUS TRACKS: Come And Bring The Sun Again / Summer Sound [demo] / If Love's In Season [demo] / Without Her / More Than I Can Live With / Panther Pond Breakdown / Those Sunday Soda Pop Dreams


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