Released on 25/01/10. The Cycle Sluts From Hell, Satan’s female shock troops, out to bind the unsuspecting moral majority in chains forged from the finest libidinous perversions, and drown them in a sea of foaming bourbon and drugs.

They were four women who made the likes of Lita Ford and Doro Pesch seem like the flag bearers for the Doris Day Abstinence Guild. Queen Vixen, Venus Penis Crusher, Honey One Percenter and She-Fire Of Ice not only looked like the ultimate biker fantasy women, but had the voices to carry their attitude way beyond the belief that this was somehow a theatrical spoof. These girls were the real deal, and would probably smash a pool cue over the head of any male who leered or smirked the wrong way at them.

The Sluts were backed by some of the hottest musicians around bassist Tom Von Doom, guitarists Chris Moffet, Pete ‘Lord Roadkill’ Lisa, Tom Schoonmaker and Ash Gray, with Scott DuBoys on drums (subsequently replaced on the album by Tony Price). Their self titled debut album also their sole record, released in 1992 and produced by Glen Robinson, who had produced the 1989 Voivod album Nothingface .

Despite the considerable buzz surrounding the Cycle Sluts From Hell, they failed to set the rock scene ablaze, as they deserved to.

The album captures the band’s energy and highlights how good the songs are.

Conqueress / By The Balls (Dirty Version) / Queen High Love / Dark Ships / I Wish You Were A Beer / Soultaker / E.R.K.S. (Dirty Version) / Speed Queen (Dirty Version) / Taste The Flesh (Dirty Version) / Badass Mama (Dirty Version) /. Bloodlust (Dirty Version)
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