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In June this year it is the 40th anniversary of the
hit Come Outside reaching No.1. The record that propelled Mike Sarne to
fame and began Wendy Richard on her long show biz career. It is still an
unusual record and one that is played regularly by a great many radio
stations.The Essay included on the inlay relates the story of
this remarkable man’s career, his satirists view of the world which
shone through his recorded work. The music was arranged and directed by
the wunderkind producer Charles Blackwell, still only 22 at the time and
the man behind John Leyton’s hit records. Leyton and Sarne were stable
mates in Robert Stigwood’s organisation both combining modelling, acting
with singing and performing. Sarne later turned to photography,
providing shots for the likes of Vogue and Cosmopolitan before
reinventing himself again as a movie director and making Johanna (from
which Scott Walkers hit of the same name sprang) and the Hollywood cult
classic Myra Breckinridge.Highlights of this definitive
collection include the No.1 single Come Outside, the response number
Will I What (with Billie Davis – also a hit), the motor- bikers parody
Just For Kicks, the first version of Just Like Eddie, songs from his
early films ‘A Place To Go’ and ‘Every Day’s A Holiday’. As a bonus we
have a CDrom film clip from the latter movie where Sarne is backed by
the R&B group The Leroys singing Love Me Please.Lastly it is
worth noting that whilst Come Outside is still played on the radio it
hasn’t been available even on compilations for many years because EMI
lost rights a long time ago and no-one told Mike Sarne. Consequently
Mike has only just had the masters returned to him and this collection
is born.

Weight 200 kg


Come Outside / Come Inside / Dodgy Lookin' Bird / Slow twistin' Round The Totem Pole / Now You've Moved / Castle Of Dracula / Will I What? / Just For Kicks / My Baby's Crazy About Elvis / Just Like Eddie / The Waitress Song / On Lover's Hill / He Knows, Y'Know / Bird, You Know I love You / Don't You Phone Me, I'll Phone You / Are You Satisfied? / Hello, Lover Boy! / Baby, I'm On My Way / Code Of Love / Dear Little Soul / Please Don't Stay / Fountain Of Love / Out An' About (from the film A Place To Go) / A Place To Go (from the film A Place To Go) / You've Got Somethin' / Love Me Please (from the film Everyday's A Holiday ) / Indubitably Me (from the film Everyday's A Holiday) Bonus CDRom ( 'Love Me Please ' film clip)


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