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Despite its disposable appearance, Glam Rock has survived and thrived for four decades, and is now viewed as one the best loved and most product ive periods for pop music in the UK. A period of pomp, glitz, glamour and parent worrying fashion unlike any other, the movement dominated the charts and ruled the country’s newsstands in the early and mid 1970s. Its influence also spread and fused with ideas blossoming in Europe and the United States and helped spawn artists such as Alice Cooper and Kiss who, in return, refocus international attention on the period to this day. Children of The Revolution – The Glam Rock Encyclopedia is the definitive A to Z guide to the period, and chronicles every band and art ist who made a significant impression on the art form, both in its heyday and during its concept ion and later years. Detailing their output and recording significant events and contributions, the book provides a wealth of informat ion on numerous much loved acts, such as T Rex, Wizzard, Slade, Bay City Rollers, Mud, Sweet, David Essex, Suzy Quatro, Mott The Hoople, Sparks, Kenny, Spiders from Mars, Alvin Stardust and hundreds more, ranging from household names to lesser known acts.

The glam scene still thrives today, both through heritage acts and filtered through glam metal and suchlike. Our own 7Ts record label has seen impressive sales of reissued albums by dozens of the acts featured in this book, and we export high volumes to the US, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and even Russia, who are current ly enjoying a huge Glam revival. Having been ridiculed throughout much of the 80s and 90s, these sounds and styles have finally earned the recognition they deserve, and we anticipate good press and a great deal of interest from experts and beginners alike.

Dave Thompson is the author of over a hundred books, including best selling biographies of Kurt Cobain, David Bowie, Cream and many more. His most recent publicat ions include the eye-witness punk saga London s Burning (Chicago Review Press), the Sparks biography Number One Songs In Heaven and a biography of The Sweet, Block Buster! , (both on Cherry Red Books) and the forthcoming Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell (Backbeat Books).

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