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Released on 18/01/10. In the summer of 1958, a singer-guitarist from Bahia in the north of Brazil called João Gilberto created a musical revolution when he joined with Bossa Novas seminal songwriting team, the gifted composer Antônio Carlos Jobim, and the poet and former diplomat, Vinicius de Moraes, to record the songs that would launch this cool, futuristic new music for a confident new era.

Bossa nova – The New Way – was influenced by modern classical music (Villa-Lobos, Debussy), jazz and samba-canção. Gilberto brought an unprecedented guitar style and a hushed, understated form of vocal expression that defined the movement and changed the course of music history.

In 1959 João Gilberto released Chega de saudade, the first bossa nova LP record and Brazilian music never looked back. Our edition features the original (long out of print) classic album in its entirety, supplemented by the impossibly rare EP of songs from the film Black Orpheus and recordings of some of the famous songs of Chega de saudade by contemporaries such as Elizete Cardoso, Os Cariocas, Alaide Costa, Norma Bengell and Bola Sete.

.João Gilberto Chega De Saudade – Chega de saudade (No More Blues) / Lobo bobo (Foolish Wolf) / Brigas nunca mais (Fights, Never More) / Hô-bá-lá-lá / Saudade fez um samba (Saudade made a Samba) / Maria ninguém (Maria Nobody) / Desafinado (Off-Key) / Rosa morena (Brunette Rose) / Morena boca de ouro (Brunette with a Mouth of Gold) / Bim bom / Aos pés da cruz (At the Foot of the Cross) / É luxo só (It’s Just a Luxury)

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João Gilberto Cantando As Musicás Do Film Orfeo Do Carnaval -A Felicidade (Happiness) / Manhã de carnaval (Morning of the Carnival) / 15. O nosso amor (Our Love) / Elizete Cardoso Chega de saudade / Os Cariocas Chega de saudade / Alaide Costa Lobo bobo / Bola Sete Maria ninguém / Norma Bengell Hô-bá-lá-lá / Bene Nunes Hô-bá-lá-lá / Bola Sete Minha saudade (My Longing) / ALAIDE Costa Minha saudade / Joao Donato Minha saudade


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