Released in the Summer of 1971, ‘Charge’ was Paladin’s sencond and final album. Formed the previous year by Keith Webb and Pete Solley (both ex-members of Terry Reid’s band), Paladin encompassed all that was experimental in early 70’s rock. Fusing the worlds of jazz, rock and ethnic Cuban music, Paladin’s second album was both more ‘progressive’ and hard edged in nature to their debut. Adorned in a striking sleeve designed by ROGER DEAN (artist for YES), the album became known as much for it’s sleeve as the excellent music within. Recorded at The Beatles’ APPLE studios and engineered by GEOFF EMERICK, the album was Paladin’s finest hour featuring the classics ‘Give Me Your hand’ and ‘Anyway’. One of the first signings to Bronze records, Paladin shared a home with URIAH HEEP, COLOSSEUM et al and were highly regarded. This remastered edition from ESOTERIC is sure to appeal to all followers of seventies progressive / classic rock.

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Give Me Your Hand / Well We Might / Get One Together / Anyway / Good Lord / Moonbeams / Watching the World Pass By Bonus tracks Give My Love to You / Sweet Sweet Music / Anyway (alternate version) / Sweet Sweet Music (alternate version) / Well We Might (alternate version) / Fill Up Your Heart (instrumental) / bad Times (instrumental)


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