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Led Zeppelin require no introduction amazing records, blueprint setting concert tours and the ultimate in hotel worrying rock n roll antics. The band’s legend grows yearly, and a brand which is stronger today than it’s ever been has grown up around them.

Many biographies and studies, but Celebration Day is the first to explore the group’s world and career in this fashion, being an exhaustive A to Z reference work that deals with every song on each of their albums, every major gig they ever did, background information and relevant people, venues, contemporaries, incidents and articles. This meticulous study unearths numerous facts and figures that even the most ardent follower will have missed and takes a more in-depth look at areas that might only warrant passing mention in a typical biography.

The authors have recently worked on very well received similar titles on Metallica and AC/DC, and we anticipate great sales potential on this title and are delighted to be working with these two authors..

Both Malcolm Dome and Jerry Ewing are names which will be very familiar to the informed rock reader, both having written for the essential Metal Hammer and Classic Rock magazines, among others. Malcolm has also done a lot of radio work and is actively involved with the online radio station Total Rock, and the pair have previously collaborated on other similar and very successful titles.

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