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The celebrated (some would say infamous) Calypso album by the King Of Cool himself, Robert Mitchum, whose seemingly effortless acting style made him a major star in Hollywood and beyond. After hanging out with such Calypsonians as Mighty Sparrow and Lord Invader while on location in Trinidad, Mitchum sold the idea of this album to Capitol Records,one of the major US labels then looking at Calypso as the Next Big Thing post-Rock’n’ Roll Mitchum opted for an “Ethnic” sound, with no attempt to adapt either the music or his friends’ lyrics for an American audience….giving us the spectacle of songs written specifically for a local audience delivered uncut by a major Hollywood star!

But what can we expect from the man whose memoir of his acting career was entitled “It Sure Beats Working”?..No one tells Mitchum what to do!…Booze, brawls, babes and drug busts as well as wonderful films are the well known parts of the Robert Mitchum story…..add “Calypso Is Like So”….and we have an American legend!

As a bonus we add both sides of a single, the ‘Duane Eddy In Dub’ sound of “Thunder Road” (from the film of the same name) and it’s flip, the Eddie Cochran-esque “My Honey’s Lovin Arms”…..which prove that had he wanted to, Mitchum could have given Elvis a run for his money This is a key entry in the collectable ‘Exotica’ genre with bonus tracks from an impossibly rare Capitol single

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Jean And Dinah / From A Logical Point Of View / Not Me / What Is This Generation Coming To? / Tic Tic Tic / Beauty Is Only Skin Deep / I Learn A Merengue, Mama / Take Me Down To Lover’s Row / Mama Looka Boo Boo#10/ Coconut Water / Matilda, Matilda / They Dance All Night / The Ballard Of Thunder Road / My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms


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