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Cult artist John Stewart first came too the attention of the public when his folk group The Cumberland Three issued their pair of acclaimed concept albums featuring songs of the American Civil War. Shortly afterward in 1961, he joined their mentors the Kingston trio leading them through changes in style and continued hit singles and albums in the volatile period 1961-67

As the Trio slowly ran down operations, as John wrote songs for outside acts such as “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees, which of course was, a worldwide smash hit in 1967! John then made the eccentric country-psych “Signals Through The Glass” with his wife Buffy Ford, though even John himself joked that foreign language albums outsold them! Immediately afterward, he would go to Nashville, where he would join Nik Venet, Vince Martin, Fred Neil, and the Nashville master musicians who made “Blonde On Blonde”, “Nashville Skyline”, Vince Martin’s amazing first solo album and Bergen White’s “For Women Only”.

This is where John cut his first real solo album, “California Bloodlines” and where his real cult begins, as music loving cliques from Rolling Stone to Zig Zag to Omaha Rainbow (a Brit magazine named after John’s song) raved over the album!

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California Bloodlines / July You're A Woman / Missouri Birds / Mother County / Never Goin' Back / Omaha Rainbow / Razorback Woman / Shackles And Chains / She Believes In Me / Some Lonesome Picker / The Pirates Of Stone County Road / You Can't Look Back


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