C88 is another celebration of the Eighties Indie scene, documenting a golden era when tuneful guitar-based bands made records on shoestring budgets, often issued on small labels with hand-made artwork, with little hope of mainstream exposure.

This 3-CD box set follows previous best-selling collections C86 (2014) and C87 (2016). C86 expanded the NME’s genre-defining compilation (initially a cassette, later a vinyl LP on Rough Trade) with 50 extra tracks from the period. C87 was an imaginary sequel, picking up the story a year later.

Disc 1 is devoted to artists who haven’t previously graced this series, who – for the most part – first made an impact in 1988. The Stone Roses, Pale Saints and The Mock Turtles would all enjoy mainstream success. Others like The Pooh Sticks, The Man From Delmonte, Bridewell Taxis were cult indie favourites.

Sarah Records – which came to epitomise a certain type of Indie Pop – are represented by The Orchids, Another Sunny Day, The Sea Urchins and The Poppyheads (whose ‘Cremation Town’ debuts on CD here). Other key indie labels also figure, such as Creation (Apple Boutique, Pacific, The House Of Love, Emily), 53rd & 3rd (The Groovy Little Numbers, The Vaselines) and The Subway Organization (The Clouds, Rodney Allen, The Flatmates, Bubblegum Splash, etc.).

Disc 2 revisits many of the bands who appeared on C87 with later singles or B-sides, such as the likes of Bob, Cud, The Darling Buds, Kitchens Of Distinction, The Shamen, The Heart Throbs, The Bachelor Pad and other staples of the late 80s Indie scene.

New names to the series who appear on C88 include Choo Choo Train, Moss Poles, The Snapdragons, The Wilderness Children, Fat Tulips, Annie & The Aeroplanes, Thrilled Skinny, Murrumbidgee Whalers and many others. Numerous tracks have never been on CD before.

The deluxe clamshell package includes a weighty booklet full of illustrations, with an 9,000- word sleeve-note and band-by-band biographies by C86 co-compiler Neil Taylor.

DISC ONE:<br /v><br /v>

1. ON TAPE – The Pooh Sticks<br /v>
2. ELEPHANT STONE (7” Version) – The Stone Roses<br /v>
3. WHERE DO YOU GO (Flexi Version) – The Popguns<br /v>
4. (WILL NOBODY SAVE) LOUISE – The Man From Delmonte<br /v>
5. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? (Molesworth Version) - The Charlottes<br /v>
6. THE THINGS YOU WANT – The Snapdragons<br /v>
7. ONE SUMMER – Moss Poles<br /v>
8. LIES – Bridewell Taxis<br /v>
9. DEFY THE LAW – The Orchids<br /v>
10. HAPPY LIKE YESTERDAY – The Groovy Little Numbers<br /v>
11. JULIE CHRISTIE – The Driscolls<br /v>
12. HIGH – Choo Choo Train<br /v>
13. CREMATION TOWN – The Poppyheads<br /v>
14. TATTERED, TANGLED AND TORN - Bradford<br /v>
15. SO HAPPY TO BE ALIVE – Thrilled Skinny<br /v>
16. SISTER GOODBYE – The Prayers<br /v>
17. ANORAK CITY – Another Sunny Day<br /v>
18. SHE’S GONE – The Train Set<br /v>
19. BARNOON HILL – Pacific<br /v>
20. FOREVER HOLIDAY (Ediesta Version) – Blow-Up<br /v>
21. MARY’S GARDEN – The Mock Turtles<br /v>
22. THE PENNINE SPITTER – King Of The Slums<br /v>
23. COLOURS AND SHAPES (Demo) – Pale Saints<br /v>
24. THE BALLAD OF JET HARRIS – Apple Boutique<br /v>

DISC TWO: <br /v><br /v>

1. THE HILL – The House Of Love<br /v>
2. DYING FOR IT – The Vaselines<br /v>
3. KIRSTY – Bob<br /v>
4. SLACK TIME – Cud<br /v>
5. PLEASE RAIN FALL – The Sea Urchins<br /v>
6. SHAME ON YOU – The Darling Buds<br /v>
7. PRIZE – Kitchens Of Distinction<br /v>
8. TOO MANY SHADOWS– The Heart Throbs<br /v>
9. DO IT FOR FUN – The Bachelor Pad<br /v>
10. THEY FELL FOR WORDS LIKE LOVE – Hangman’s Beautiful Daughters<br /v>
11. GIVING WAY TO TRAINS – Murrumbidgee Whalers<br /v>
12. WHAT’S GOING DOWN – The Shamen<br /v>
13. HEAVEN KNOWS – The Flatmates<br /v>
14. SPELL IT OUT – The Waltones<br /v>
15. MRS SUSAN SPENCE – The Wilderness Children<br /v>
16. YESTERDAY – The Nivens<br /v>
17. REAL WORLD – Baby Lemonade<br /v>
18. VILLAGE GREEN – The Clouds<br /v>
19. FIRE ESCAPE – Rote Kapelle<br /v>
20. MAD DOGS – Emily<br /v>
21. THE 18:10 TO YEOVIL JUNCTION – Bubblegum Splash<br /v>
22. MICHAEL FUREY – Metro Trinity<br /v>
23. THEME FROM COW – Inspiral Carpets<br /v>

DISC THREE: <br /v><br /v>
1. SUN, SEA, SAND – The Revolving Paint Dream<br /v>
2. SURFAROUND – The Fizzbombs<br /v>
3. PLASTER SAINT – The Church Grims<br /v>
4. CRUSH THE FLOWERS (Demo) – The Wake<br /v>
5. SUNSHINE THUGGERY – The Siddeleys<br /v>
6. CLEAR - Whirl<br /v>
7. A MILLION ZILLION MILES - Annie & The Aeroplanes<br /v>
8. YOU OPENED UP MY EYES - Fat Tulips<br /v>
9. CINCINNATI – Holidaymakers<br /v>
10. THE CAMERA LOVES ME – Would-Be-Goods<br /v>
11. ANYWHERE BUT HOME – The Caretaker Race<br /v>
12. WHO WORKS THE WEATHER – The Great Leap Forward<br /v>
13. CUBANS IN THE BLUEFIELDS – East Village<br /v>
14. BYTHESEA ROAD – The Haywains<br /v>
15. THE OLD ROAD OUT OF TOWN (12” Mix) – The Wishing Stones<br /v>
16. SHAKE – The Corn Dollies<br /v>
17. LAND OF GOLD – Bluetrain<br /v>
19. APPLE OF MY EYE - Remember Fun<br /v>
20. MORNING O’GRADY - Yeah Jazz<br /v>
21. DON'T BURY ME YET – The Raw Herbs<br /v>
22. CURRY CRAZY - Bad Dream Fancy Dress<br /v>
23. ON MY WAY – The Claim<br /v>
24. GLASTONBURY - Rodney Allen<br /v>


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