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Released in February 1988, Birth, School, Work, Death jarred with both the indie movement which was obsessed with getting over the demise of the Smiths and the Housemartins, and the mainstream pop charts.

A tie-in gig at London s Town And Country Club in Kentish Town on Valentine sNight 1988 marked The Godfathers step into the big time. The album made No. 80 on the UK albums chart, where it remained for two weeks. However, in the states, the title track was pushed heavily by college radio, and it became an USTop 40 hit. Birth, School, Work, Death has got to be a bit of a high point, cause that took off instantly all over the world and it s turned into a little franchise of its own really, Peter Coyne was to say later.

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Birth, School, Work, Death / If I Only Had Time / Tell Me Why /It's So Hard / When Am I Coming Down / Cause I Said So / The Strangest Boy / S.T.B. / Just Like You / Obsession / Love Is Dead / Bonus Tracks - Miss That Girl B-Side Birth, School, Work, Death / Birth, School, Work, Death Resurrection Mix / Cold Turkey B-Side - Cause I Said So / I Can Only Give You Everything B-Side - Cause I Said So / Those Days Are Over B-Side Love Is Dead


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