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Downes Braide Association poet Barney Ashton-Bullock appears as the band’s poet/narrator on their albums ‘Skyscraper Souls’, ‘Live in London’ and ‘Halcyon Hymns’ and in their live shows. This book,‘ Bucolicism’, created in response to fans requesting copies of the works featured on those albums, is endorsed by band members Geoff Downes (Yes, Buggles, Asia) and Chris Braide (Marc Almond, Sia, David Guetta). It compiles together all of Barney Ashton-Bullock’s poetic & lyrical contributions to the pastoral sensibilities of the DBA albums, re-set in their original longer form works and supplemented by a range of further writings that plough the same idioms of nostalgia, misplaced or otherwise, that seek to express the illusive golden age ‘bucolics’ of a nation going through rapid change and, seemingly, often ill-at-ease with itself.

This ultra limited edition souvenir book is primarily aimed at fans of the Downes Braide Association, but its broader nostalgic sentiment will also resonate with lyrical poetry enthusiasts and with those nostalgic for the simpler pleasures of childhood, those remembering fondly the formative experiences of their long gone first loves and with those caught up in the balmy myth of a ‘golden age’ of an England seemingly long gone.

“DBA music is full of pathos and a kind of yearning for something unobtainable, as are Barney’s extraordinary poems and stories. The words seem to be about something elusive, a world long gone, so intelligently thought out, yet so visceral it hurts. Bringing those two elements together these past couple of years for two full length albums has been a joy and truly enhances the feeling of the music.” (Chris Braide, DBA, 2021)

“I was blown away on hearing the carefully crafted dialogue, majesty and meaningful delivery from Barney. It was almost as if this was made for DBA, and he has now become synonymous with us and a key element of our live shows. Barney manages to capture the magic and mood, and underpins the sentiment of our music… adding enormously to the mystery and depth of our music.” (Geoff Downes, DBA, 2021)

“I love the density of Barney’s writing – reminds me of reading ‘A Clockwork Orange’ the first time.” (Matthew Haigh, Poet, 2021)






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