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Released 12/10/09. Featuring 52 of Laurel Aitken’s most popular recordings from a period spanning more than thirty years, this 2CD anthology provides the perfect opportunity to discover why he remained such a revered figure for so long. Highlighting a variety of styles, from Mento through Ja. Boogie, Ska, Rock Steady and Boss Reggae, the collection features an array of Jamaican hits, alongwith his 1980 UK chart entry, Rudi Got Married, making this by far the most comprehensive collection of his work ever to see issue. First comprehensive anthology of the singer’s work Many recordings new to CD Contains numerous Ska & Reggae classics, including his UK hit, Rudi Got Married

Weight 200 kg


Disc One - Aitken's Boogie Mento to Rock Steady Nebuchenezer / Aitken Sboogie / Boogie Rock / Come Back Jeannie / Baba Kill Me Goat / Little Sheila / Boogie In My Bones / Love Me Baby / Mary Lee / Judgment Day / Railroad Track / More Whisky / Bartender / Mabel / Lucille / (Shes gone To) Napoli / Have Mercy Mr Percy / That Great Day / Freedom Train / Lion Of Judah / Zion City Wall /. Bachelor Life / West Indian Cricket Test / You Left Me Standing / Bag A Boo / Yes Indeed / Propaganda / Green Banana / Rock Steady Disc Two - Skinhead Train - Boss Reggae to Ska Revival Fire (In Your Wire) / The Rise And Fall (Of Laurel) / Woppi King / Suffering Still / Run Powell Run / Landlords And Tenants / Scandal In Brixton Market / Jesse James / Pussy Price Gone Up / Skinhead Train / Mr Popcorn / Reggae Popcorn / It's Too Late / Delilah (Is A Woman) / Fatty Bum Bum Gone To Jail / Witch Doctor From Amsterdam / Rudi Got Married / Big Fat Man / Mad About You / Sahara / Ringo The Gringo / Sally Brown / Skinhead


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