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•    This 31 track double CD combines the very first two albums by Paper Lace plus a handful of bonus tracks from assorted singles releases

•    Features the hits “Billy Don’t Be A Hero” (No.1), “The Night Chicago Died” (No.3) and “The Black Eyed Boys” (No.11) plus the non charting “Hitchin’ A Ride” and “So What If I Am”

•    Rounds up all of the bands recordings for the Concord and Bus Stop labels
Weight 200 kg


DISC 1 – AND OTHER BITS OF MATERIAL Billy, Don’t Be A Hero / Hitchin A Ride ’74 / I Did What I Did For Maria / Mary In The Morning / Sealed With A Kiss / Bye Bye Blues / Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen / The Night Chicago Died / Love Song / Dreams Are Ten A Penny / Love You’re A Long Time Coming / Cheek To Cheek BONUS TRACKS Celia / Can You Get It When You Want It / The Black Eyed Boys / Jean / So What If I Am / Himalayan Lullaby
DISC 2 – FIRST EDITION In The Morning / Stoney End / Lady / I’ve Got You That’s Enough For Me / Threw My Love Away / Martha (Whatever Happened) / Games People Play / Please Be My Friend / You Can’t Touch Me / Elsie / Like A Rolling Stone / Early One Morning BONUS TRACK Ragamuffin Man


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